Every status update since the dawn of Thomas


~About Me~

- My favourite blade of grass on my lawn is no.5246.

- My eye socket is 1 1/2 inches wide.

- I have been to Betws-y-Coed once.

- I enjoy the feeling of my vocal chords vibrating.

- A kid once asked me if I "go up and down stairs" to which I replied "yes".

- People tell me olives are nice, but I have tasted them and I just don't know about that.

- I have sat in a lot of chairs.

- I own 4 pairs of "action slacks"/"tech pants".

- My star sign is uncertain.

- Derren Brown once asked me to recommend secondary Nietzsche literature on a dark rainy side-street.

- I am here now. I am also here now.

- And now.

- People tell me playing competitive team sports is fun, but I have played some and I just don’t know about that.